Portable weatherproof High SPL Sound Engine
db100 is a portable powered high SPL speaker with volume controls, power supply. It is waterproof, dustproof and falling preventing from 1 metre high.
• Built in 70W @ 8ohm amplifier
• Reach a peak of 141dB/1m for warning
• Built-in two internal lithium batteries (7800mA/12V) provides at least 6 hours of ontinuous broadcast time.
• The on-board battery charger satisfies quickly battery charging.
• Water and dust resistance for outdoor use (IP45)
• Achieving 85% speech intelligibility at 1000 meters
• Heavy duty plastic enclosure
• Design for use in search rescue, patrol, police crowd control, arm force, school, tc
Construction Heavy duty plastic enclosure
Transducer 1 x 2'' HF driver
Frequency Response (-3dB) 300Hz-5kHz
Rated Power
Input Sensitivity
Maximum SPL (1W @ 100m) 100dB (Peak, 100m), 141dB(peak, 1m)
Rated Impedance
Dispersion(H×V) 80° x 50°
Microphone transmission gain ( +/-3dB) 80dB
Vocal transmission parameter(SPI-PA) ≥1000m 0.6
Syllable definition≥1000m 0.6
Speech intelligibility≥1000m 85%
Power consumption current(rated)≥1000m 8100mA
Power Supply
Dimensions (WxDxH) 227*380*397MM
Packaging Dimensions 430*290*460mm
Net Weight 8.5kg
Gross Weight 10kg
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