Compact Active Line Array System
The Compact Line Array loudspeaker system are used in applications including sound reinforcement for Houses of Worship, Events, Theme Parks, Multifunctional Auditoriums, Schools, and Transit Terminals etc. The R Series Compact Line Array systems delivers extraordinary performance where high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music is required at unmatched value.
• The system comprises of 4 x R6 mid/high boxes consisting of 1 x Ribbon tweeter, 1 x 6.5” MF and 2 x 6.5” LF drivers per full range speaker, and 1 x R12 Subwoofer consisting of 2 x 12” LF drivers
• Stable 3000W amplifier module
• 2 x NL4 input and output connectors on each cabinet
• For optimum performance use with a Beta Three® a digital speaker management processor
• Integrated rigging and speaker cabling included for the system
• Rigging allows adjustment of R6 in 1° increments
• Designed for high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music
• Suitable for use as a main system with or without sub speaker augmentation
• Permanent installation
• Powder coated grill
• Durable Polyurethane textured base paint
• Available in either black or white
Construction R6: 15mm Birch Plywood. R12:18mm Birch Plywood

R6: 1 x Ribbon HF + 1 x 6.5” MF + 2 x 6.5” LF

R12a: 2 x 12” LF

Frequency response(-3dB) 40Hz-20kHz
Amplifier power 3000W
Maximum SPL (1W @ 1m) 124dB/130dB (Peak)
Rated Impedance
Input Impedance 20k balanced input
Dispersion (H×V) 90° x 10°

R6: NL4

R12a:XLR for input, XLR for output

Dimensions (W×H×D)

R6: 419mm (16.5”) x210mm (8.3”)x736mm (29.0”)

R12a: 736mm (29.0”) x 667mm (26.3”) x 542mm (21.3”)

Flying frame: 659×112×750mm(26.0×4.4×29.5in)

Packaging Dimensions R6 (1 piece/pack) R6: 505mm (19.9”)x310mm (12.2”)x 876mm (34.5”)
Packaging Dimensions R12a (1 piece /pack) R12a: 815mm (32.1”)x 656mm (25.8”)x 876mm (34.5”)
Packaging Dimensions for Flying Frame (1 piece/pack) 779mm (30.7”) x 225mm (8.9”) x 870mm (34.3”)
Net Weight

R6: 17.5kg (38.5lb)

R12a: 52.5kg (115.5lb)

Flying frame: 12.5kg(27.5lb) 

Gross Weight

R6: 20.5kg (45.1lb)

R12a: 59kg (129.8lb), FF 14.5kg (31.9”)

Flying Frame: 14.5kg(31.9 lb)
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