Digital Speaker Controller
The Beta Three® XC2.6 is a 1U integrated speaker management processor. This device is easily programmable to meet al installation applications.
1. Multi functions process: one controller can meet cross over, EQ and dynamic process.
2. The signal route are all digital process,48 digital DSP and 24 digital line AD/DA transfer technology to ensure the sound is dynamic and clear.
3. Classical calculation and double precise filter to meet PA dynamic and precise requirement.
4. The filter and signal dynamic process point in the signal route can make It is better to fit the speaker.
5. Professional XLR in-out socket is very durable.
6. Perfect hardware anti disturb(RF/ESD protection) with strong software correction technology to make the system run well.
7. Well-suited programmer update software, it can update all kinds of speaker programmer to the certain state by USP connecting to the computer.
8. Panle signal dynamic indication.
9. Panel key+coder to sort and transfer programmer quickly.
10. LCD display programmer information for sorting.
Analog Input

balance XLR-3-32 input socket
Input Impedance:
Max input level:
≥+20dBu (THD+N = 0.1%)
A/D Convertor:
48kHz sample frequency, 24bits linear

Analog Output

balance XLR-3-32 out put socket
Output Impedance:
Load impedance:
Max input level:
≥+20dBu (THD+N = 0.1%)

Simulation Sound

Frequency response:
20Hz~20 kHz (+0.3/-0.3dB), 10Hz~30kHz (+0.3/-3.0dB)
Dynamic range:
≥110dB(A -Weight)
Total distortion and noise : THD+N≤0.008%(+4dBu@1kHz Excluding the right to)
Intermodulation Distortion : ≤0.02%(+4dBu@60Hz/7kHz)
Min time of delaying:
about 1.2ms (we set the delaying parameter of signal input and output as 0)


Power requirement:
AC 220V 50Hz
Power consuming:
The fuse:
250mA@220V AC delaying
Operation temperature:
Storage temperature:


User Manual

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