Beta Three Chosen for Merchantel Hotel Club

Nov 2009, Beijing China


Merchantel Hotel Club is located in the Xidangolden commercial area of Beijingcity, capital of China, adjacent to the PRC film censorship bureau, ChinaMinistry of Finance and China  Ministry of Education.

It is a high-class comprehensive entertainment venue and processes 33 top-class KTV chambers and a performance hall with luxury and elegant decoration.

The sound provider of this the club is Beijing 3G ZhuobangAudio Engineering Co., Ltd. The system selected for KTV chamber was the Beta Three QS series monitors,BA series amplifiers and K-MIX effect processors.

The performance hall is a live venue with Disco music playing, thus a system with certain LF and stability was required. According to this, engineer chose Beta Three X series as the main PA system, matched with ΣJ dual 18'' ULF speaker. The system provided clear, bright and full sound. With the fantastic LED lighting system, the five-star club was popular with the successful people and celebrities.

Products employed:

KTV Chambers

Beta Three Speaker QS1000

Beta Three Amp BA series

Beta Three  effect processor K-MIX


Performance Hall

Beta Three  Speaker X series

Beta Three  Speaker ΣJ series


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