St. Joseph's Convent College Theatre with Beta Three

Sep 2013, India



St. Joseph's Convent College, located in the beautiful Saint Lucia India, was foundedin 1956 with 30,000 students studying currently.

The theatre covers an area of 1000sqm. It is a place for teaching, competition, meeting and performance. In a nation full of songs and dance, a theatre is essential for the youth to celebrate important days and entertain themselves, so as the sound reinforcement system in such a theatre. The sound comes from Beta Three's pro theatre series. 3 cabinets of TM10/64,TMB15 and TM10/96 speakers worked as a horizontal array flying at two sides of stage, two cabinets of TM2123/64 and TM2123/96 were stack on the ground for backfill, 4 MU12M were for stage monitor.



Products employed:

Beta Three

Loudspeaker TM10/TMB15/TM2123

Beta Three

Loudspeaker MU12M


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